theMapCloud is a cloud-based platform providing access to, and sharing of, hundreds of geographic datasets.

Using the latest Open Source and Cloud technologies theMapCloud provides a truly flexible, reliable, scalable and high performance platform for accessing a range of geographic data.

Get instant access, through theMapCloud’s data services, to a full suite of managed open and commercial datasets.  Data available includes data products from Ordnance Survey, OpenStreetMap, and hundreds of other third-party data providers.

Create data-driven solutions – access a single source of maintained digital mapping for all your applications. Share your digital maps publicly or privately across your organisation with no need for specialist staff.

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Our Customers Say:

“theMapCloud underpins a significant element of the future for LDL map collections. The implementation of Non-Print Legal Deposit will allow the LDLs to provide access to a growing body of map content published in the UK. The excitement of the project will only continue in coming years as we reach out to more customers and grow the scope of the resource, a significant undertaking that the scalability of theMapCloud makes possible.”

Lead Curator of Digital Mapping
The British Library

Top 5 Features

  • Store and share data in industry standard formats and protocols, such as WMS, WMTS and WFS
  • Instant access to hundreds of fully managed third-party data feeds from Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency, British Geological Survey etc.
  • Flexible, reliable, scalable and highly performant platform
  • Encrypted data services with full backup and disaster recovery
  • Fully documented, HTTPS RESTful standards compliant API

Top 5 Benefits

  • Integrate data with any other industry standard systems such as QGIS, ArcMap, ArcGIS Online etc.
  • Reduced operational costs – no need to manage third-party data in-house
  • Pay-as-you-go transactional pricing with assured performance no matter the load
  • Peace of mind that data security and resilience are taken care of
  • Either use out-of-the-box or develop your own bespoke data-driven solutions