Data Management

thinkWhere provides a range of hosted data management services that aim to reduce your operational overheads and associated costs.

thinkWhere understands the complexity of data and the dedicated specialist resource required to source, manage and safeguard it effectively.

We can help you source data for your business, reduce the risk of data duplication and expose out-of-date content.

Awarded a European Best Practice Award for implementing INSPIRE compliant spatial data infrastructures, thinkWhere can provide INSPIRE compliant hosted data and metadata services.

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Our Customers Say:

“The Libraries have been entrusted with the tremendous task of safeguarding the digital cartographic output of the UK. This role goes beyond simply collecting data, demanding active stewardship to ensure discoverability and availability to the public, while maintaining a highly secure environment conscious of intellectual property rights and future access. thinkWhere will assist us in achieving that goal.”

Curator of Digital Mapping
The British Library

“The web services delivered by thinkWhere are becoming the standard backgrounds for SEPA mapping applications. Reliability and performance are excellent, and we have benefitted from a significant reduction in the cost of maintaining our own OS data services.”

IS Development Unit Manager
Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Top 5 Features

  • Hosted data storage and publishing in industry standard formats and protocols
  • Instant access to fully maintained digital mapping data feeds including commercial and open Ordnance Survey products, gazetteer services and hundreds of third-party datasets
  • Data security through encrypted data services with full backup and disaster recovery
  • Data sourcing, processing, translation and quality assurance services
  • Data management and metadata advice and consultancy

Top 5 Benefits

  • Fully managed, hosted data environment available 24/7
  • Reduced data management and operational overheads
  • Peace of mind that data security and resilience are taken care of
  • No need to buy data processing software – thinkWhere has all the necessary tools available for processing raw data into a useable format
  • Services provided by highly reputable, ISO9001 certified supplier